about Bev

your fellow life traveller

You have one life, one great amazing journey on this plane of existence.
Live it well, be true to your Self – always
But most of all, be kind to one another along the way.

Who am I?

[ personally & professionally ]

Bev Shipway, EFT Practitioner, Life Balance Coach, Mother and Lover of Life

As I feel it’s nice to put a face to a name, that’s little old me above patting a cheetah at the Australian National Zoo in Canberra 🙂

I love nothing more than to ditch my shoes and bare my feet whenever I can, the simple act of getting back to nature does something, like no other for my soul. Watching the unfolding cycles of growth and renewal, the beauty of life always brings a smile, peace and calm.

For fun I love taking photos, capturing moments in time with my trusty old Canon or bringing to life a creation that resembles art in one form or another. I often marvel at how the simple things can make such a difference when it comes to a life worth living and on any given day I can easily be persuaded to explore garage sales, op shops or recycling centres. I am in my element poking around, seeking out trinkets that were once someone else’s treasures, with a little love I know they will light up and add something extra to my home. Privileged to grow up in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia, Mother Nature held my hand as I explored the mysteries of life. The pure unadulterated joy of seeking out what makes that weird sound, listening to magpies carolling in the morning, or turning over a leaf to discover what is underneath, to this day has not wavered. 

At my Dad’s funeral the celebrant eloquently spoke of life as a puzzle, the pieces coming together to form a rich tapestry of being and when complete our time was over. This resonated strongly with me, if you ever could say a funeral was beautiful, Dad’s was and more. Like everyone, I am a work in progress ever evolving, growing and learning about life and placing pieces into the puzzle that will be my life when my time on the Earth plane is over.

My Why

My ‘why’ is because I know all too well what it’s like to have nowhere to go endless searching just takes you further from what you are seeking, finding yourself lost and all alone eventually it gets too dark to see any more. I now know, without a doubt that suffering really is optional, when all you can see is despair this may be hard to comprehend, but it is true – that deep dark well of despair is but a resting point along the journey and there are brighter days ahead. I also know how easy it is to find your way home when you receive a little light to illuminate the path.

Who i work with and want to help…

If I can alleviate one person’s unnecessary emotional pain and lead them out of that dark and dingy little hole we label depression or salvage just one marriage that is enough. Some days my dream is to save the next person who thinks suicide is the answer and others it is simply to witness that sense of wonder as a creation comes to life before your eyes in a mindful creativity session.

I know that deep inside each and every human on this planet there is a spark just waiting to be ignited, while it may be shrouded in darkness at the moment, rest assured, it is still there just waiting for the right conditions to burn brightly again. That all engulfing, world of chaos can be calmed and you can get your zest for life back. Don’t give up, there is a way through, all it takes is one step, then another and another to bring you to that elusive state of acceptance and surrender.

If you would like someone to lean on and guide you home, please reach out for a chat to see how we can get your life back on track, I know your future self will thank you one day ;).

Have an awesome day, thanks for reading and remember to make your heart sing your song, every day.

Bev xxx

My Journey

[ lessons in becoming ]

Trials & Tribulations of an Earthbound Life

Following a particularly difficult period, with mainstream offerings unable to offer anything that made a difference, I began looking outside the regime of what I now see as bandaid solutions in search of something with a deeper, lasting effect and which didn’t come in a packet or a bottle.

During this time of searching I rediscovered mindful awareness and breathing with purpose to bring relief in times of need, but this feeling of being OK just placed a cover upon past traumas still bubbling away beneath the surface, any relief was short lived.

Then the real whammy hit, multiple losses in a very short period of time and everything became too much, life was not worth living and I wanted out.

Breaking through the Pain

As I stumbled around, desperately trying to regroup after a failed suicide attempt, I happened upon a marvellous little technique. All at once I discovered something that worked really quickly, application miraculously cleared emotional sticking points. The breakthrough I had been desperately seeking was right in front of me and this thing actually worked – Hellelujah! 

Within a short time, my world was brighter and a future beckoned once again – what had been a crazy life of betrayal, abandonment and darkness took on the awareness it had been a time of learnings, rather than a place of pain – Phew, what a relief I could breathe again!

That marvellous little technique? It was EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping) and I knew I had to share this with anyone who landed where I had once been, lost and lonely in a world of pain, crushed beneath the weight of the past and without hope or faith for the future.

This was the beginnings of a need to bring peace and faith for a brighter future to anyone else who gets stuck on that dark and lonely path, haunted by imagery of the past, seemingly unable to see a way through the forest of information, with no guide to lead them out of the darkness. I knew there was no need to do it the hard way and could extend a hand into the darkness to lift them up, hold them and safely deliver them into the light. That is why my little dream was given the name Live Free for that is what my journey has brought to me – awareness, skills and practices that allow you to gain freedom from whatever is making life so unnecessarily hard and I want to share these far and wide.  


[ in case you were wondering ]

Gathering Wisdom

Not knowing enough about the human condition to blindly practice with real people’s lives, I embarked on a journey to learn as much as I could about why we do what we do. This curiosity coupled with a firm belief that ignorance is dangerous, to reveal anything to another requires intimate knowledge that can only come from experiencing it yourself meant the journey soon became an obsession to find out why some things work and others don’t. A path of learnings followed, with a focus on attaining and maintaining emotional balance, remaining positive no matter what was going on around ‘the edges’. Contentment within a holistic human experience where you are complete in mind, body and Soul.

I have a toolbox of techniques that contains a balanced array of  methods to assist you to move through the pain, frustration or life not working moments that pop up and lead you astray. 

Techniques & Trainings

Blessed to receive training from EFT Master Peter Graham, Soul Guide Khadine Aharon of Embrace Empowerment and Shane Fozard of Australian Success Academy and enhancing this with pearls of wisdom from greats like Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Debbie Ford, Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield, Lissa Rankin and Tony Robbins. Wisdom received and brought on board highlights the power we hold within to create the life we aspire to. 

For your peace of mind you can check formal training and qualifications below.


Adv Dip Holistic Human Development: Holistic Counselling Advanced Techniques, Autonomic Nervous System Realignment, Brain Body Medicine, Corporate Stress Management

Meditation as Therapy: Natural Birthing, Children’s, Depression & Anxiety, Elemental Movement 

Emotional Freedom Techniques, Advanced Life Coaching, Advanced Hypnosis (Krasner & Ericksonian)

IICT Full Membership

Practitioner Insurance is held.