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Improve Emotional Function

[ clearing emotional hooks and hangups ]

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) works like a charm to overcome unruly outbursts, painful feelings, negative thoughts and difficult behaviours. In fact EFT works with almost everything even physical pain, because after all we are emotional beings and emotion is the energy of life.

Blending western psychology principles with the wisdom of eastern energy systems EFT quickly and effectively removes emotional hooks and hangups and makes space for the integration of new ways of thinking. EFT is the easy way to clean up emotional sticking points and get rid of messy emotions.

Well documented to be effective, safe and reliable, when you clean up those pesky emotions you will notice life begins to work a whole lot better without all the junk tripping you up and making life more difficult than it needs to be. You may witness this as calm where there used to be anger, confidence in place of shrinking away, physical pain subsiding or a gentle feeling of inner peace settling upon the intense sadness.

EFT is safe, reliable and effective (very effective)

The process works through mindful connection to feelings that come up whenever you think about what troubles while stimulating meridian accupressure points to release stagnant or blocked energy. This really is like having your very own magic wand to wave away any and all emotionally driven response, behaviour or thought pattern.

You remain in control of everything throughout the session. 

If it is too uncomfortable, you don’t even have to talk about what bothers you.

Trashy Emotional Debris

[ clearing the path for a better life to emerge ]

When you keep bumping up against unresolved defensive patterns of behaviour and actions it is because there is some sort of energetic ‘charge’ that remains attached to some‘thing’ that happened in the past, this is what fires up and creates the thoughts and feelings that lead you into doing those ‘things’ that keep tripping you up. Action always begins with a thought or feeling and the mind automatically references this to the past, that’s just how it is, all a part of being human. Problems arise when an emotional memory which was not fully resolved at the time gets fired up, the past comes replays (because that is all you know) and this is brought into the present day. Because that unresolved memory threatened some level of your existence, you unconsciously focus on survival which brings stress and unwanted behaviours to avoid that ‘thing’ which brought you so much pain in the past.  

You know the things that leave you feeling stuck, helpless and without control when it comes to desires of the present day?

An example could be as simple as tripping over your shoelaces on the way to present your super duper class project way back in grade one – something your conscious mind has long since forgotten, but, you still hold onto this memory in the subconscious – it’s been tucked away for safekeeping just in case the same set of circumstances arise at some time in the future. This energetic charge which is still attached, makes it stand out when checking through the memory banks and the dominant thing that stands out is the embarrassment you felt, unresolved and not given attention when it happened the memory still holds charge and will continue to trip you up – literally!  Meanwhile the attention your A+ received is overlooked, emotional expression at the time means this memory is fully resolved and there is no perception of threat attached to that recording in the memory banks. This is all because your mind is wired to take shortcuts in order to keep you safe whenever a perceived threat is located. 

Defensive protection always focuses thoughts on how to avoid pain (emotional or physical) and action follows to keep you safe.  Defence and action to keep you safe (even when there is no real threat) will always take precedence over anything that could bring emotional pleasure.

I call this emotional debris, because it is junk and belongs in the trash! 

EFT facilitates clearing of the emotional ‘charge’ that keeps the memory relevant to the present moment, unresolved things from the past are processed and resolved so this emotional hangover can be put to rest. This makes space for the introduction of new ways of thinking and integration of empowered models of behaviour to be taken up. During sessions it is usual to experience a large improvement in how you feel and it’s not uncommon for session to end in laughter and a sense of wonder why you felt ‘that thing’ was ever a problem.

EFT is the easy way to feel brighter, happier and more peaceful and it’s not unusual for clients to report they have enjoyed the best sleep for years.

Making Way for Growth

[ ease emotional hurts, release limiting thought patterns, give life to dreams ]

The ongoing result following EFT is thoughts and situations which used to lead into emotional discomfort (anger, sadness, anxiety etc.) won’t have the same effect. Previously problematic thoughts and triggers no longer have any power to derail you and tip you into emotional overwhelm. Instead you will not find acceptance in their place – this is where the real magic lies.

The benefits are twofold, firstly energy that is currently being wasted on protecting you from some perceived possible pain becomes available for resourceful action, secondly this halts the endless rumination of ideas how to sidestep any possible chance of experiencing that pain again. These thoughts take up a lot of space in your head, when this is cleaned up you will be able to think a lot clearer, make sense of what is going on with your life and have energy to implement the changes. 

Defusing and disarming the protective mechanisms we used to take up whenever our mind felt or sensed some part of us was under threat, means we don’t need to be put up the protective ‘armour’ any longer and we can breathe again, life opens up, opportunities arise and things just get easier. This paves the way for the joy of being alive to return, an air of ease and grace will settle as life begins to work again. You may witness this as calm where there used to be anger, confidence in place of shrinking away, physical pain subsiding or a gentle feeling of inner peace settling upon the intense sadness. 

Can you see how EFT will make a difference to you when it comes to feelings, thoughts and the associated behaviours that keep tripping you up?

Holding onto painful feelings that remain attached to memories after the moment in time has passed, means ongoing suffering is, to a large part, unnecessary and just makes life more difficult than it needs to be. 

What to Expect

[ inside an EFT session ]

You will be guided through the technique in which you will stimulate selected accupressure points while repeating a set of specially designed focus phrases that your subconscious mind and body can relate to, this facilitates the release of trapped emotional energy in a safe and supportive way. 

Like magic the emotional sticking points that come alive with thought are reset to a place of neutral balance and blockages fall away. In the session it’s likely you will notice a visible release of tension as the energy moves and clears, you may feel a fleeting remembrance of the event attached to the emotion right before a newfound lightness settles in your body. 

You will not be required to talk about your feelings if they are too raw and you will remain in control throughout the session.

During a session you don’t have to talk about your problem, you only need to connect subconsciously which allows the mind body to identify what requires assistance to clear the stuck energy. 

Making a Difference

[ results, benefits of EFT ]

EFT makes a big difference to how you think, feel and behave this allows improvements in relationships, stops feelings of being broken, of being not enough (or too much) so your true self can go about living without the bothersome burden of unresourceful emotional responses controlling how you live your life.

Please don’t be put off enquiring because it’s all too hard to even think about let alone talk about whatever is creating you distress, your suffering can be improved dramatically if you have the courage to reach out. For emotionally painful or heavy events, you won’t have to go over what happened or even think about it, we can work on your pain from a distance and ‘sneak up’ on the core issues.

Sessions can also bring up unrelated ‘stuff’ that is ticking away in the background that affects you unconsciously and if you are happy to clear these during a session they can be worked on simultaneously – you could say it’s like killing two birds with the one stone ;).

EFT really is quite a special modality and the reassurance of working with a trained practitioner means the process will be used properly to bring real, tangible and lasting results.

Working With Me

[ better thoughts, feelings, behaviours with EFT ]

If you’re familiar with the little voice in your head that keeps piping up, reminding you what you ‘could of, should of done’ you will love what EFT does for you.

Private One to One sessions are available remotely by phone or online video.

Please don’t let being isolated in a remote location make you feel more alone and prevent you from seeking help. If you are unfamiliar with technology I can assist with setting up our online meet. 

I look forward to bringing relief from whatever emotional disharmony you are feeling. 

Life is not supposed to be so damned  hard, it will get better.

EFT for Emotional Balance

Improve Relationships

Overcome Inner Turmoil

Gain Inner Peace


Feeling lost and don’t really know what is what or if we’ll even click?  

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When that’s out of the way, all you have to do is show up and see what’s possible 🙂