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Find your way back home when it gets dark

This is your personal time out, a time and space to unburden your Soul and gain mastery over the things we don’t like to talk about. If you have been seeking something more, you are at the right place to begin your journey into wholeness, whether you choose to allow me to guide and support you is not my decision to make.

In our time together we will explore the human condition and how to overcome emotional discord in order to live the best life possible. Encompassing the whole person holistic perspectives on life do not rehash and go over what has not worked or gone wrong in the past, it is about looking towards a healthy future and equipping you with tools and techniques that are reliable and which work for you.

During our time together you will honour forgotten strengths and identify what brings resistance in areas of challenge, all the while gaining new perspectives of what lies within your world. 

Offerings include EFT sessions which target and clear out emotional debris and coaching programs to equip you with skills that enable you to live the best life possible. 

Bev Shipway

 Your fellow life traveller and guide for the journey

My calling is to extend a hand to the person who has experienced a sudden crisis/wakeup call and now feels like they have been through hell and just want (and know they need) a way out of the mess. I have a great mix of techniques and tools to draw from as necessary and know what works quickly and reliably.

Assorted studies into the human condition and elements required for holistic wellbeing have been undertaken to gain formal qualifications of EFT Practitioner, Life Coach, Practitioner of Hypnosis along with attaining an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Human Development and Meditation Therapy.

My “School of Life” qualifications have taught me more than anything else though, what it takes to remain resilient despite life taking not so good turns and how to return to a place of calm when chaos erupts around you. 

I would like to offer you a hand in taking the last step from the darkness into the light, exploring the steps you can undertake to become whole again. Living to the fullest, while discovering your special place, so you can bathe in the sunlight of simply being. .

To find out more please see about Bev

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Overcome Unruly Emotions

EFT is a safe and effective method to overcome emotionally driven responses that interrupt your daily living. Sessions allow you to process to clear out emotional ‘junk’ which in turn allows you to function better and feel happier. You will then be free to move forward without the baggage that currently weighs you down.

Unruly outbursts, inner turmoil and reliving painful events are drastically improved with EFT, which makes way for you to enjoy healthy relationships, let go of feeling you are broken and bringing peace to distressing memories. This is the closest thing to a magic wand that I have ever discovered and just too good to keep all to myself, I invite you to book a session and experience the emotional relief that EFT so easily brings.

To find out more please see about EFT

Personal Freedom Coaching

Walk Your Path with Confidence and Courage

Guidance and support to move forward with grace and ease, three coaching programs are offered with the content designed to provide essential practices to build a solid foundation that you can come home to in times of need. When you have this in place you will find it is safe to venture forth with courage in your heart, confidence in your pocket and faith by your side and enjoy the life you are meant to live.

Three coaching programs are offered which build upon each other – A Calm Life to manage stress and gain resilience, A Balanced Life to uncover what prevents you from feeling content and An Intentional Life to reconnect with your essential essence

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Session Information

Private One to One sessions are available remotely by phone or online video.

Please don’t let being isolated in a remote location make you feel more alone and prevent you from seeking help. If you are unfamiliar with technology I can assist with setting up our online meet. 


Feeling lost and don’t really know what is what or if we’ll even click?  

I offer a no obligation call to put your mind at rest – it’s free and it’s easy. Just click below to call or book a time for me to call you. 

When that’s out of the way, all you have to do is show up and see what’s possible 🙂