Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

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Balancing Emotions with EFT

[ Improve Communication, Stop Feeling Broken, Gain Inner Peace ]

Let go of difficult behaviours, negative thoughts and painful feelings

Blending western psychology principles with the wisdom of eastern energy systems EFT quickly and effectively removes emotional hooks and hangups and makes space for the integration of new ways of thinking.  EFT makes a difference for all things that invoke an emotion or feeling and is especially useful in restoring emotional connection to healthy relationships, clearing inner turmoil when you are feeling broken and easing emotional distress in times of loss, grief and bereavement

Information is below and if you would like more information about the process please see the about EFT page.

Taming​ Unruly Emotions

Enjoy Healthy Relationships

[ revive emotional connection ]

Disconnection is detrimental to any relationship 

Are you sick and tired of talks that end in arguments, falling to pieces or wanting to shrink into the ground when you remember what you did?

Emotional intimacy is the connector

When thinking back is mental torture, wishing you had been able to say what you meant without losing it or bursting into tears and just makes you feel downright awful you will find EFT makes a whole lot of difference. This is the closest thing to a magic wand to revive emotional connection.  EFT is safe and results are quickly noticeable.

Improve Communication in (all) Your Relationships

Whenever unruly emotions arise, the simple act of holding a rational conversation goes out the door, bad temper, arguments and blaming just seem to spew out and it does not end anything like you thought it would. Life can get pretty miserable really fast.

Simple conversation that go awry can turn relationships into war zones and derail our best plans to communicate what we want and need, whether this be at work or play the end result is the same – everything turns to poo! While these patterns of behaviour may have helped you in the past, the unresourceful mindsets no longer serve any purpose as they reference historical events and forecast the outcome before it’s even happened! This is a big (really big) problem and just makes life much harder than it needs to be.

Interpersonal relationships are such an important facet in our daily lives and remaining emotionally balanced is essential to having a conversation that gets to the bottom of things so you can sort everything out and move forward.

Without overwhelming emotions controlling how you operate (and turning your brain to mush) you will be able to communicate effectively to express your needs wants and desires  in a rational and balanced manner.

Deal with the underlying emotional sticking points and you will enjoy rational conversations, every time :).

EFT Helps

  • Enjoy rational conversation
  • Freely express needs, desires
  • Improve anger, bad temper
  • Relieve resentment, jealousy
  • Accept past wrongdoings
  • Let go of blame, guilt, remorse

Sick and tired of unruly emotions controlling your life?

There’s no point suffering any longer than needs be.

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Stop feeling 'Broken'

[ give yourself a break ]

Emotional unrest makes things murky 

Leading a fulfilling life is all about how you respond to emotions when they arise. Unfortunately when you do not have the resources to respond effectively, chaos erupts and this can leave us feeling somehow deficient almost as if something has stopped working and all too often we internalise this forming the perception it is we who are broken.

Life satisfaction begins to return as things become clearer

The problems and dissatisfaction are a top level symptom of deeper things that need to be sorted out. EFT clears up messy emotions to make way for a healthy and wholesome life to emerge and empowers you to gain mastery in all the stuff we don’t like to talk about (especially when life is not going too good).

Emotional unrest creates unnecessary stress

When stress is dominant the physical processes that occur mean you are unable to think clearly which leads to unwise decisions. Desperately seeking external ‘fixes’ and searching for happiness in all the wrong places maintains a vicious cycle of mind games playing over and over in your head. Before too long you begin to believe you are somehow broken and need fixing, this is a viscous cycle and your inner talk reinforces the belief. That’s not the case at all.

You are not broken and never were

It’s time to stop feeling, saying and thinking that you are somehow broken, Right Now! Okay? 

Believe it or not, it’s quite difficult to break a real living human being, but it is easy to feel that way. EFT works with feelings and gets to the bottom of what is really going on very quickly. You will then be able to release limiting thought patterns and move forward with a life that is fulfilling.

Life is not meant to be so damned hard

Now that you know it’s all fixable, I guess you will be ready to book in and learn how to live a life worth living?

As a trained holistic counsellor you will be listened to with non-judgemental compassion and understanding. It probably does not come as a surprise but for many this is the first time they have felt really heard and it is well proven many times over that an essential element to healing past hurts is being heard and knowing someone understands what life has dealt up did really happen and it did hurt. 

EFT helps

  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Phobias, fear and anxiety
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Self acceptance
  • Emotional eating
  • Improve body confidence
  • Relieve insecurities
  • Guilt, anger, remorse
  • Freely express needs, desires

Sick and tired of feeling broken?

Well then, let’s get together and work out how to get you all fixed up shall we?

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Find Inner Peace with EFT

[ bereavement, grief, loss ]

Emotional Distress is Painful

The saying ‘time heals’ is of little solace when you are caught up in never ending waves of sadness that keep washing over you whenever your mind returns to think of what you have lost. This makes sense because the place in your heart where your loved one used to be is now raw and hurting. 

Accepting What Has Happened​

Emotional distress, pain and sadness that come when you think back to what happened are never pleasant and can make life quite difficult to bear. When you just can’t let go and make peace with what has happened but know you want to live again, EFT Helps – a lot! 

Distressing events and recurrent painful reminders

It may help a little to know that sadness and lots of tears are an essential part of the grief process and whoever came up with ‘tears cleanse the Soul’ knew what they were talking about because each and every bout of crying does bring you a step closer to healing from your loss, but this does nothing to make you feel better right now.  

Sessions bring resolution to the overwhelming emotions and make way for inner peace to settle upon the painful thoughts, you will be able to make peace with what has happened so reminders of the event or person do not make you feel so sad and desolate.

Calling happiness back – You are going to be okay 

I would like to reassure you that life does get better eventually, however if you want to move forward sooner rather than later, I urge you to reach out.  EFT really helps to make the pain go away so your thoughts don’t bring the same level of distress and emotional pain.

EFT Helps

  • Relieve overwhelming sadness
  • Gain relief from painful thoughts
  • Let go of blame, guilt, remorse
  • Move through grief and loss
  • Resolve unpleasant memories
  • Move on from traumatic events

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