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Coaching for Personal Freedom

[ find your path, get back on track, keep going ]

Guidance and support to live life on your terms

To restore the elemental necessities of a life worth living demands that you do the work and this is where coaching shines. Brightly. Providing guidance, support and accountability, coaching brings practical, real life necessities to move past what is blocking your path. You will be given tips, techniques and tools that you can keep in your back pocket to deal with bumps in the road which will inevitably occur as you journey through life. This is work only you can do though, my job is to provide space and facilitate inquiry for you to discover where expansion is possible as you work out where you want to go and what you need to get there.

Holistic Guidance + Support

A Calm Life

[ Coaching for Resilience ]

Manage Stress

Stress is no fun, no fun at all…

Stress arrives from many different directions, it could be difficulties with finances or career, relationship problems or a crisis in health and then again it could be something else entirely that brings the wake up call but it will come sooner or later. The message that stress always brings, is that of something is awry and it needs your attention NOW!  

Restoring calm to body, mind and spirit

A Calm Life is a coaching program that focuses on restoring calm to body, mind and spirit. You will learn processes to manage personal stressors and practical interventions to bring calm to mind and body at will. 

Easy to implement skills are life changing

Enjoy practical exercises in well documented and reliable methods to retrain your brain to seek relaxation and gain resilience to bounce back from what creates inner turmoil and outer chaos. Techniques include awareness of thought, mind and body retraining for relaxation, mindfulness and emotional regulation. 

  • Identify what stress really is
  • Learn to manage  personal stressors
  • Gain Resilience
  • Find strength to go on 

Managing what creates inner turmoil and outer chaos

Everyday function suffers when the stress response gets to work clouding cognitive abilities, overwhelming the emotional system and interrupting physical functions this affects everyone the same. Because each instance of stress carries the same dynamic energy signature – that being fight or flight, a warning cry of ‘Threat Ahead’ as a cascade of chemical messengers flood the body. 

Maybe you can relate to a racing heart, unclear thinking or digestive issues?  If so there is a lot you can do to return peace and calm and deal with what lies beneath and starts the rot in the first place.

While EFT works to remove the stress response and does a marvellous job of removing the top level symptoms, without a long term plan to remove stressors from your life, the vicious cycle will continue which isn’t much fun at all. To counter the barrage of stress that accompanies everyday life you really need a system that will allow you to manage what places you under pressure along with practices to maintain inner peace and restore emotional harmony this program does all that and more.

Corporate keynote delivery and workplace training available upon request.

Would you like to escape from Stressville and stay out of that hell hole for good?

Well then, let’s get together for a chat and work out how to get you out of there 🙂

A Balanced Life

[ Coaching to Find Self ]

Holistic Perspectives

satiate the yearning for something more

Holistic perspectives encompass the whole person and look forwards not back – you know where you’ve been, why on earth go back and rehash the past when this hasn’t delivered before?  The approach is gentle, exploring and invites the real you to come out to play, while embracing the past lessons and honouring your journey up to now. 

Balance leads to fulfilment and nourishes dreams

A Balanced Life is a coaching package that follows a structured pathway of inner work, energy work and self care disciplines to regain balance. Along the way you will look at what is needed to bring contentment to the simple joy of simply being alive and you will work out how to put these essential things into place for life satisfaction.

Looking at things through the lens of holistic human development you will be guided to discover what leaves you feeling so unfulfilled, desolate and alone. It is this holistic view of what denotes a rich, fulfilling life that will inform the queries you undertake to explore life as it is now and how it could be.

  • Uncover a Whole, New Way of Living
  • Discover Courage and Faith
  • Recover your Zest for Life

Holistic principles decry that satisfaction in life only occurs when specific, fundamental areas of need are fulfilled. Deficiencies in any area will leave a feeling of emptiness, bringing about a life that is lacklustre without any sparkle and shine. 

In sessions we will look at what is working, what isn’t and what you can do about it. This will include all areas of your life – health, relationships, finances, personal development, family and spirituality. When you know where the deficiency is you are free to explore, filling the void with options that will lead to the life you desire.

Are you ready to leave Stuckville behind once and for all?

Let’s get together, you can schedule a call to work on devising a plan  🙂

An Intentional Life

[ Coaching in Self Honour ]

Soul Rejuvenation

liberate your essential essence

Honouring Self requires that you drop your masks in order to remain true to yourself and live the life that you desire and deserve. Having the security and support of EFT to release dynamic energy surrounding the ties that bind you brings ease and grace to the transition as you move out of the shadows and into the light. 

Honour your Self, nourish and rejuvenate your Soul

An Intentional Life is a coaching program that embraces the vital and sacred work to access your innate wisdom and nourish your essential essence. Working with intention and holding space to access the ethereal unknown through visualisation, meditation and (or) oracle cards will allow you to reach a depth of wisdom that brings solace and comfort as you clear the shackles that bind you.  

  • Attain insights to connect the dots
  • Rekindle your inner fire
  • Honour your journey
  • Nourish your Soul

You will receive guidance to intentionally create the life you desire and support to maintain growth as you step up and into the life you seek.

Reconnect with the elusive something more you seek and before too long you will be able to sustain a life worth living as your Soul begins to recuperate from the long and lonely time, forgotten as it languished in exile.

Is your Soul in need of sustenance?

Let’s get together, please schedule a call to have a chat  🙂

Program Information

One to One sessions within a 6 or 12 week program, available face to face and remotely by phone or online video.

Entry is by invitation, to confirm our styles complement each other in a nice snug fit please schedule an intake call here.

Standard Program:  6 Sessions ($720)                  Extended Program:  12 Sessions ($1320) 


Feeling lost and don’t really know what is what or if we’ll even click?  I offer a no obligation call to put your mind at rest – it’s free and it’s easy.

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